What Proofreading Marks are used For

Proofreading6.jpegIf by any chance you have had a document proofread before, there is a great possibility that you are aware of the bizarre typology of skilled proofreaders. You receive your document back when it is really filled with symbols. You might even think that is has been translated to a different language. These strange marks are known as the footprint. They are left on your document by the proofreader for you to make the required changes. They basically highlight the place where the change has to be done. The proofreader utilizes some symbols and abbreviations to propose changes, spelling errors, and basically improve punctuation. The best way to learn about these marks is by practically using them. Below are some ways in which proofreading marks are used.

Proofreading marks have been used for ages. Editors in the past used the hard copy scripts to do their typesetting and printing works. Proofreading is the last procedure in the circle of editing. This is literally rereading the script or the document written to find out if there are any mistakes made. When there are errors made they are always corrected during this proofreading period. Proofreading marks are therefore involved with the issues of presentation. The typical mistakes corrected by a proofreader are like spelling mistakes, wrong fonts, wrong text alignment, inserting punctuations that are missing and the italics that are not correct. There is always a provision of the questioning word option if the proofreader has detected that a wrong word has been used. Normally the proofreader should work on an edited text. This means that mistakes in things like choices of word, wrong sentence structure or even exclusion of cliches should be corrected already. You can read more about proofreading or for the best place to hire proofreaders, check it out!

Marks are most of the time normally highlighted in a contrasting shade like red on a manuscript that is double-spaced. Editors and managers still ask for the script that is double-spaced during submissions. In the previous days proofreading marks were placed above and beneath the line of words that were to be corrected. They were equally made in the margins. In today’s world, most editing is done on the screens by the use of word processing tools and on-screen editing processes. Most people prefer using the on-screen editing method because it is fast. Professional editors still receive training on how the proofreading marks can be used. This is a major part of their qualifications. Continue reading more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/ruth-starkman/how-to-best-use-writing-a_b_8167658.html.


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